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Fox Tracks by Rita Mae Brown

Fox Tracks” is from Rita Mae Brown’s “Sister” Jane Foxhunting Mysteries.  “Sister” is the 60-something master of the fox hounds for Jefferson Hunt in central Virginia in Brown’s books.  When a dead body is found underneath a dead deer near a spot where a fox goes to ground Sister gets involved in figuring out who the dead man was and why he died.  She discovers that the dead man was an itinerant worker who did some hauling for farmers in the area.  Sister suspects that he was hauling contraband– moonshine or tobacco– and did something that got him killed by his employers.  She also believes that the smugglers, who turn out to be moving cigarettes from low tax VA to higher tax states, are familiar with the routines of the Jefferson Hunt and the various barns and storage sheds in remote parts of the hunt territory.

Fox Tracks” is not one of my favorite Rita Mae Brown offerings.  I am not sufficiently interested in the technical details of fox hunting or tobacco growing to follow much of the description.  I also was not convinced that Brown made the best choice for her killer.  I will leave it at that because if I say more about the killer I’ll spill the beans.

Fox Tracks” is more for die-hard Rita Mae Brown enthusiasts and those who really enjoy her books about fox hunting.

Liz Nichols

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