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Girl Gone by Gillian Flynn

A friend recommended that I read “Girl Gone,” and I’m glad I picked this book up.  It is the most perfectly constructed psychological thriller I have ever read.

The book is almost equally divided by chapters written in the voice of Nick Dunne alternating with chapters written in the voice of his wife, Amy.  They start out as a typical New York professional couple.  She writes quiz questions and he writes articles for a magazine.  Amy is a trust fund child who’s parents capitalized on her childhood by writing the “Amazing Amy” series of children’s books.  The happy marriage storyline ebbs into the unemployed Nick and Amy take over as they become increasingly disillusioned about their marriage.  Then Nick discovers that his mother is sick with cancer and his dad’s Alzheimer’s is getting beyond the ability of his sister, Margo’s ability to cope, so Nick convinces Amy to buy a bar in Nick’s hometown in Missouri and they move.  Amy hates this new life.  Long story short, Amy disappears and Nick is suspected of murdering his wife.  I won’t reveal more of the plot in order to let readers discover the ingenious plot for themselves.

The plot twists and turns as more clues of the alleged murder are revealed.  Nick fervently believes (or is he just trying to make the detectives think he believes??) that his wife is alive and orchestrated everything.  He uncovers a couple of witnesses who were on the receiving end of Amy’s vengeance in the past and that gives him the idea that maybe Amy is playing an elaborate and deadly joke on him.  Or, has Amy actually been kidnapped and held hostage against her will?  One twist after another will keep the reader turning those pages as fast as they can.

I can’t emphasize enough to my mystery reading friends, read “Girl Gone.”

Liz Nichols


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