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Jail Coach by Hillary Bell Locke

Jail Coach” by Hillary Bell Locke introduces an insurance investigator, Jay Davidovich, to the mystery scene.  As Jay says, he’s a “Loss Prevention Specialist” at an insurance company that plays for high stakes with movie stars and other celebs.

In this first Jay Davidovich mystery he is trying to make sure that actor, Kent Trowbridge stays off the sauce, out from behind the wheel of a car, and focused on fulfilling his contract on his latest movie.  He also must show up at court for the DUI accident he has and survive, in all likelihood, jail time as punishment for screwing up.  The insurance company has no faith Kent can accomplish all this without a handler, someone called a “jail coach,” who helps prospective celebrity and white collar convicts prepare for their time in the slammer.

Davidovich hires Katrina Thompson, an attractive ex-Marine, who spent seven months in jail protecting her daughter from someone looking to harm them.  Trowbridge likes and trusts her, and doesn’t mind that she brings her daughter, Luci, with her everywhere.  Davidovich finds this an inexpensive and fast solution to his need to find a jail coach.  There are people after both Trowbridge and Thompson who follow the entourage on tour around the country trying to sabotage Trowbridge and kidnap Thompson and Luci.  Davidovich must make sure everyone stays safe and Trans/Oxana does not end up with a huge claim from the movie studio.

Jail Coach” is fast moving, contains likeable characters, fast action, and funny, snappy dialogue.  It’s not so much a mystery as a thriller, but I see lots of interesting potential plots coming out of the insurance investigator/loss prevention angle. I recommend it.

Liz Nichols

(A copy was supplied for review.)

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