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Love Gone Mad by Mark Rubinstein

Love Gone Mad” is the second psychological thriller by Mark Rubinstein, who is or has been an attending psychiatrist at New York Presbyterian Hospital and a medical faculty member at Cornell University.  He knows psychosis, and the mad man in this dramatic story, Conrad Wilson, seems like a chilling example right out of the good doctor’s case files.  Wilson is the archetype for the psychotically jealous husband like so many who are responsible for spousal abuse and murder in this country.  The book accurately documents the ineffectiveness of our legal system when it comes to protecting spouses, children and the people who care for them in the face of an irrationally abusive spouse or ex-spouse.

I appreciate the way Rubinstein has used his knowledge to tell a tale that is too often played out in real life. The story is about a budding romance between a surgeon, Dr. Adrian Douglas and a nurse, Megan Haggarty, who meet and fall in love at a small hospital in Eastport, Connecticut.  Both were at Yale at the same time, but never met there.  Megan’s former husband, Conrad Wilson, suddenly shows up in Eastport after several years in Colorado, and Wilson is not about to believe his former wife never had an affair with Dr. Douglas when they were at Yale.  In fact, he believes Douglas fathered his child, Marlee, and it causes Wilson to reject the child as less then worthless.  Wilson claims he can smell the doctor on the child.  Strange threats start coming to Megan, Adrian, and family members around Megan that the police cannot quite pin on Wilson until the threats escalate almost to the point of murder.

Love Gone Mad” is a plausible story, and a very frightening one that many people will relate to.  What I don’t care for about the book is the prose.  It seems stilted and overly dramatic to me.  The speech seems unnatural to me also.  The book is part romance about the loving relationship between the doctor and the nurse and circumstances surrounding Marlee’s birth.  It is written more in the style of a romance than a mystery.  I also found the plot quite predictable.  Nothing that happens actually surprised me.  Even the turn of events surrounding Marlee’s birth is set up for predictable results well in advance.

Love Gone Mad” is a story many will relate to, but it could have been better written.

Reviewed from a supplied copy.

Liz Nichols


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