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The Llama of Death by Betty Webb

The Llama of Death” is the third in Betty Webb’s “A Gunn Zoo Mystery” series.  In this installment, zookeeper, Teddy Bentley, is put in charge of the llama rides at the local renaissance faire near Monterey Bay.  The llama, Alejandro, is on loan from the nearby Gunn Zoo where Teddy works during the week days.  I found myself falling in love with the sensitive llama who became very protective of the children he gave rides to.  Who wouldn’t love that adorable face on the cover of the book? Alejandro is unjustly accused of killing one of the Renaissance players and later of injuring the man who was formerly his abusive owner.  Several others are later suspected of committing the murder, including Teddy and her mother, socialite, Caro.  Teddy’s investigation of the real culprit is hampered by the incompetence of the acting police chief and by Teddy’s own father, an embezzler who comes back from his sanctuary in Costa Rica to see his family and friends.

Webb, a journalist, mystery writer, and apparent expert in zoos, intersperses lots of humor and action into the plot making “The Llama of Death” an enjoyable read, if somewhat predictable.

Liz Nichols

(Reviewed from a supplied copy.)






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