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The Frozen Shroud by Martin Edwards

Martin Edwards has created a Halloween ghost tale in “The Frozen Shroud.”  The setting is the atmospheric Lake District in England and is part of Edwards’ “A Lake District Mystery” series in a fictional village called Ravenbank.  The protagonist is the District’s DCI Hannah Scarlett, who teams up with a history of murder expert from London, Daniel Kind.  Scarlett is head of the Cold Case Review Team and is investigating a five year old murder at the Ravenbank manor where a woman was brutally beaten about the head and killed. A shroud is put over the dead woman’s head.  The MO resembles that of the murder of a young Scottish housemaid at Ravenbank just prior to World War I.  She was also beaten faceless and left with a shroud over her bloody head.  The ghost of Gertrude was said to roam the old manor.

During a Halloween party at Ravenbank attended by the visiting murder history professor and the DCI another young woman disappeared and was found the next day murdered in the same manor as the earlier cases.  With the earlier cases there were either suicides or accidental deaths that happened right after the murders and in both cases the crimes were blamed on these people.  Neither DCI Scarlett nor Kind are so sure that the cold cases were correctly closed, and the new murder renews suspicions that someone is still creeping about Ravenbank causing murder and mayhem.

The Frozen Shroud” is a bit creepy, and the British dialogue takes a bit getting used to for American readers.  That being said, this is a good, fast read for a dark and foggy night.

Liz Nichols


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