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The Hanging Shed by Gordon Ferris

The Hanging Shed” by Gordon Ferris claims to have become a number one e-book bestseller and is the first in the Douglas Brodie Series.  The novel introduces a recently returned World War II vet, Douglas Brodie, who grew up near Glasgow and did some duty as a policeman before the war, then decided to become a freelance journalist in London after the war.  A call from a long-lost school chum brings him back to Glasgow to help find evidence to clear his friend from a date with the gallows for purportedly committing a heinous murder of his former girlfriend’s son.  War vet, Hugh Donovan, was grievously burned and disfigured during the War and comes back to live off his military pension with little to live for besides a lot of alcohol, painkillers and a friendly relationship with his former girlfriend, now a war widow, and her son.

When accused of the murder of the young boy Donovan can not recall anything, but because evidence is found in his flat pointing to his guilt, he confesses as a way of just ending what he believes to be his worthless life.  His solicitor, Samantha Campbell, however, believes in his innocence, and the more Brodie investigates the more he also believes in Donovan’s innocence.  But can they prove it in time, and can they find the real perpetrator? Can they locate the bodies of all the other young boys who have also mysteriously disappeared over a number of years?

The Hanging Shed” is a well-written, tense thriller that requires Brodie and Campbell to race against a fatal deadline to gather enough facts to convince a judge to overturn Donovan’s conviction and an investigation that spans western Scotland, the island of Arran and Northern Ireland to find and punish the real perpetrators.  This was one of those novels that was hard to put down and is strongly recommended.

Liz Nichols

(Reviewed from a supplied copy.)




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