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Target: Tinos by Jeffrey Siger

Target: Tinos” is the fourth in Siger’s “An Inspector Kaldis Mystery” series by Poisoned Pen Press. Siger, a former Wall Street attorney, now is a full time writer living part time on Mykonos in the Greek isles and part time in a rural New York  farm house.  He is obviously very well versed in Greek culture, history, mindset, and police practices.

I found this police procedural hard to put down because the book is filled with tantalizing descriptions of the Greek islands of Tinos and Mykonos and some of the rougher neighborhoods of Athens, the characters– both good guys and bad– are memorable, and the plot zig-zags almost as much as a narrow mountain road on one of the Greek isles.

Inspector Andreas Kaldis, chief of the Greek police Special Crimes Unit, is trying desperately to clear his calendar for his upcoming wedding on Mykonos when an apparent hate crime occurs on the island of Tinos.  Two gypsy men are found chained together and burned in a car.  It seems that everyone Kaldis and his investigators questions about this murder ends up dead– the last with a message clearly intended to scare off Kaldis of face a possible attack of his family during his wedding. Really, until the distinct threat comes in against his own life, no one in Greek government wanted anything but a hurried, hushed up conclusion to this crime against “outsiders.”  Kaldis refuses to be intimidated by the bad guys or rushed by his own bosses,  and makes the necessary arrangements to have surveillance at the church and reception while he continues the investigation.  As spectators readers know that something does get delivered that could blow up the church or ruin his honeymoon at any time and tension mounts as the author finally reveals what is in the box delivered as a wedding present.

There are so many potential killers for Kaldis and his team to investigate– rival gypsy factions, Albanian thugs, thieves of ancient church treasures trying to cover their tracks, or long-time wealthy residents of Tinos trying to return to their family glory-days.  Kaldis fearlessly investigates them all.

Highly recommended.

Reviewed from a supplied copy.

Liz Nichols


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