I got to my site this morning and had 5000 comments to review individually. Needless to say, this is an impossible task. Well, I’ve been at it more than half a day and I am through half of them.

What I have decided to do is only approve:
1. Substantial comments that actually contribute to the dialogue and show that you’ve clearly read my post. Very few generic comments or “Hey man, great post!” kinds of comments will go through now.
2. I will answer site-related comments or questions when I think I can provide a useful answer.

What I will also move on to trash immediately:
1. Comments left by generic names like “Beach front property” or “Live Chat Sex” or “Buy Your Carpets Here.” This site is for serious comments and not to be used as a link farm for those who are getting paid to write comments. If this applies to you, Get Off My Site!
2. Comments that sell a product unless it directly relates to the book review that you are commenting upon.
3. Comments with a link buried in them. You can post your website–that is ok, although I generally do not include anything I can identify as a porn site, a gambling site or some other site that is likely to be illegal in the U.S. Understandably, a few of these will get through as I am not personally checking links, and I apologize in advance to my readers if some things get through that offend or harm. Click on other people’s links at your own risk.

I do use spam filters, so hopefully the worst of the worst is removed before I even have to deal with it.

I want this site to be useful to everyone. To be that way, comments must be relevant and related to the topics I am reviewing.

Time is a precious commodity. Please help me preserve my time so I can review more mysteries and thrillers for you.

Liz Nichols