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Smokin’ Seventeen by Janet Evanovich

This Stephanie Plum Novel, “Smokin’ Seventeen,” has all the classic Plum elements: sex, mangled and missing cars, weird fugitives, zany plots, and laugh-out-loud humor.  As usual, I zipped through this book in about two days because it was hard to put down and very entertaining.

In this edition of the story about the Trenton, NJ bounty hunter, Stephanie Plum, our heroine is cornered by her family into allowing a new guy, Dave, into her life.  Encouraged by her mother and grandmother, Dave shows up at all hours at Stephanie’s apartment to cook for her.  He reads in signals that aren’t there about her interest in him and she has to beat him off a few times.  He just can’t take a hint, even a broad hint.

Meanwhile, boyfriend #1, Morelli, has a grandmother who is putting vordo spells on Stephanie, intended to turn her into a slutty sex fiend.  They seem to work, since she can’t seem to stop lusting for sex with Morelli or Ranger with equal passion and desire.  She has a hard time picking between them, and the book ends with the whole question of who she’ll choose up in the air. Again.

The perps Stephanie and Lula go after are among the strangest in any of the Stephanie Plum books. One thinks he is a vampire and he sleeps inside a coffin during the day.  If he is forced out during the day he acts as if he is going to go up in smoke. If he gets caught he’ll start sucking blood.  Lula thinks for awhile she has been turned into a vampire and has growing fangs until she goes to the dentist and discovers that her weird feeling teeth are just because of an abscess.

Stephanie Plum lovers will plum love this book, and most others will too.

Liz Nichols

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