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Ecko Rising by Danie Ware

Ecko Rising,” a science fiction/fantasy novel by Danie Ware, starts in a gadget-rich London of 2018 and quickly moves to an alternate much more primitive world called Roviarath.  Ecko is a humanoid drone who does the dirty work for a revolutionary named Lugan.  When he is transported into an alternate world with only primitive tools and armaments he learns to adapt and to size up the inhabitants quickly in order to sort out friend from foe.

Ware has created two complex worlds and has a complex anti-hero in the form of the drone, Ecko, who must travel on a quest throughout this new world in order to find his way back home to high-tech, but troubled, London.

Frankly, science fiction and fantasy are not my genres and I found myself anxious to get to the end of this very long book many times.  In fact, I’m not sure why I spent my time reading a book I did not enjoy very much.  I did admire the author’s ability to imagine and describe a complex alternate world, and that is probably what kept me going.    I appreciated the complexity of the plot, although I often found it confusing.  I appreciated the complexity and emotional intensity of the protagonist, Ecko, but I didn’t like him very much and I could not gain any feeling of sympathy for him and the many scrapes he got in to.

I guess die-hard science fiction and fantasy readers may appreciate “Ecko Rising,” but I didn’t.

Liz Nichols



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