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Stop Dead by Leigh Russell

Frequently I find that British detective and police procedurals are written using abbreviations and colloquialisms that are difficult for Americans to understand.  Such is not the case with Leigh Russell’s new police procedural mystery, “Stop Dead.”  Russell even provides a short glossary of terms, something that I am sure most American readers appreciate.  This is the fifth novel in her “A Geraldine Steel Mystery” series.  Steel is a smart, savvy Detective Inspector (DI) who recently moved from a police department in Kent to one in London.

Steel and her side-kick Detective-Sergeant, Samantha Haley, investigate the brutal murder of a restauranteur, Patrick Henshaw.  The particular MO occurs in a couple more murders as the investigation progresses and in the end it appears the detectives are looking for a serial killer.  Is this someone closely associated with Henshaw such as his wife, his business partner or a girl friend, or is this a random act of violence?

The novel is tightly written and is hard to put down.

Stop Dead” is highly recommended for fans of British Police procedurals.

Reviewed from a supplied copy.

Liz Nichols

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