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The 13th Target by Mark de Castrique

Well-known mystery writer, Mark de Castrique has written a fascinating, intense suspense novel about an attempt to bring down or, possibly remake, the country’s central banking system in his latest, “The 13th Target.”  The plot of this mystery revolves around the secretive world of the Federal Reserve Bank.  This central bank controls the money supply, but no government entity controls the Federal Reserve.  The President appoints the chairman of the Federal Reserve, but that is really the extent of public control on this shadowy institution. It is actually owned by private entities– large banks and wealthy families.  The plot is disturbingly plausible and reminds me somewhat of the chilling TV drama, “Homeland.”

Former Secret Service Agent, Russell Mullins, takes on a job through a private security company protecting a top Federal Reserve Bank official, Paul Luguire.  Mullins and Luguire become friends, and so Mullins is particularly concerned and suspicious when he is told that Luguire has committed suicide.  Mullins and Luguire had planned on meeting  to watch their grandsons play tee-ball, hardly the kind of date a man about to commit suicide would make.  As details begin to develop in the case it becomes clear that the death is a murder.  Mullins is implicated because of the discovery of a large transfer of funds to an offshore bank with his name on the account.  Mullins investigates not only to find out who killed his friend, but also to clear his own name.  He must solve the mystery before 13 bombs are set off intended to damage or destroy the central bank, its leaders and the branch banks.  Is the plot generated by a foreign terrorist cell or is this a domestic attack similar to that of the Oklahoma City bombing?

Readers will be glued to the pages of “The 13th Target” to the very last chapter.  Great read! The book was planned for a July release from Poisoned Pen Press.

Liz Nichols

(Reviewed from a supplied copy.)


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