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Exposed by Lisa Scottoline

Exposed” may be Scottoline’s best Rosato & DiNunzio novel yet.

The story explores the relationship between the attorneys in a law firm and the businesses that are part of a large conglomerate that is represented by one of those attorneys.? Are the other attorneys in the group ethically forbidden to represent someone who is suing one subordinate company when another attorney in the practice is representing the larger holding company? Bennie Rosato says that her partner, Mary DiNunzio must turn down the case of an old family friend when he is fired from his job very obviously as a result of the extremely expensive medical treatment that employee’s daughter needs. Mary maintains that it is one of those questions that legally could go either way.

Exposed” is about legal ethics, what constitutes a conflict of interest in a law practice, questions of loyalty, and building deeper relationships both within the practice and with clients. It leads to murders and danger of losing not only the practice but also life for Bennie and Mary because the stakes are very high for both the plaintiff and the defendant in the case of whether the firing was legal or not. The action keeps the reader on the edge throughout and makes this a fast read.

In the end it really brings Mary and Bennie closer together as friends and partners because they have had to resolve life and death issues both personally and in terms of their practice.

Exposed” is a highly recommended legal procedural murder mystery.


Liz Nichols

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