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Baker Street Irregulars edited by Michael A Ventrella and Jonathan Mayberry

When I read something I think is just “so-so” I often don’t bother to write a review.  There just isn’t enough interesting to say sometimes to make a review worthwhile. That applies in my opinion to “Baker Street Irregulars,” a group of short stories that all take off on the relationship between Sherlock Holmes and John Watson.

Most of these stories go too far-afield for my taste.  The authors seem to vie for who can make the most macabre, weird or different Holmes and Watson. I’m more about the story than the character and I did not see enough meat in any of the stories to keep my interest.  There was lots to hate about many of the characterizations of Holmes and Watson– but then maybe I’m a purist when it comes to the great detective Sherlock Holmes.

We see Holmes as Shirley Holmes in the first story, the Great Investigator of the planets of the great star Alpha Ganston in the second, a more familiar Holmes in the 3rd story, a vampire Holmes in the 4th, a robot Holmes in the 5th, and so on.

I long for the neurotic bachelor Sherlock Holmes of 1890’s London and mystery stories based on his fantastic powers of observation.

But, again, I’m old fashioned.

I give “Baker Street Irregulars” a thumbs down even though I am sure there are some who would find some of the stories very funny and original.

Reviewed from a supplied copy.

Liz Nichols

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