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Someone’s Watching by Sharon Potts

I received a pre-pub copy of Pott’s “Someone’s Watching” which was published on February 7th by Oceanview Publishing. Once again, Oceanview has found a fresh new Florida-based writer. This is Sharon Potts’ second novel after her critically acclaimed debut with “In Their Blood.”

Robbie Ivy is a South Beach bartender and a transplant from Deland, FL. She left Deland years before with her mother when her parents divorced and her dad took up with another woman. She has had no contact with her dad for years until one day he visits to tell her that the half-sister in her senior year of high school that Robbie never knew existed was missing. Her dad pleaded with Robbie to use her contacts in the South Beach bar scene and police to help him find the sister, Kate.

A lot of the first part of the book involves working out Robbie’s own emotions about her previously unknown sister and convincing herself that Kate and her friend Joanne are not just a couple of runaways who will eventually go home on their own. When Joanne’s body washes up in a drainage creek the hope that Kate and Joanne are just out on a lark turns to dust and Joanne starts in earnest to look for clues about the disappearance.

As so often happens in novels about characters who are not yet well known, a lot of the first half of the book is just setting up the second half and moves slower. The second half is quite suspenseful and has several potential bad guys that Robbie must eliminate before she stumbles on the real killer. Fortunately, she has someone she did not suspect watching her back– there to save her and her sister just in time.

This is a story that will resonate with rebellious teens and parents of kids who just want to explore their wilder side before settling into college. This book will be thought-provoking for kids and parents of broken marriages. It is important to take action so that you don’t lose a lost loved one forever. Broken relationships can be repaired when everyone involved takes just a few steps forward toward reconciliation.

This book will have wide appeal and is recommended not just for mystery and thriller lovers, but also for lovers of South Beach and family members who can relate to teen coming of age and children of divorce issues.

Liz Nichols

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