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Cop to Corpse by Peter Lovesey

Cop to Corpse” is the 12th police procedural novel in Peter Lovesey’s Peter Diamond Investigation Series.  Diamond is a Bath, England Police chief superintendent, and runs a detective unit within the police force.  In this case Diamond is trying to determine whether three cop killings of regular uniformed patrol officers in three different communities in and near Bath are related.  When the team determines that there are similarities, they look for whether the killer is someone with a deep grudge against cops, someone who specifically knows and had something against all three of these specific cops, or is possibly an internal killing by another cop.  That last theory does not win Diamond any friends among his fellow officers!

Lovesey is is very descriptive in painting the picture of each location so it is easy for the reader to imagine the overgrown garden in a group of row houses that served as the setting for the last sniper attack on a cop.  We can understand the motivations of the first investigator on the scene who wants to play hero and be the first to arrest and question the killer when he thinks that he has the killer cornered in that garden.  That cop gets hurt because he is too greedy for glory.  Likewise, Diamond gets a little cocky about his thinking on the whereabouts and identity of the killer and he nearly loses his life as well as the confidence of his team.  The solution to this mystery is certainly not what everyone will expect.

Cop to Corpse” moves a little slowly, but those who enjoy British Police procedurals will find this one just their cup of tea.

Liz Nichols

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