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Angora Alibi by Sally Goldenbaum

Angora Alibi” is the 7th novel in Goldenbaum’s “A Seaside Knitters Mystery” series, a cosy set along the coast of New England in the fictional town of Sea Harbor.

The series feature a multi-generational group of women who get together in this small town every day to knit, gossip and solve the latest mystery in the community.  In this book we find the knit shop owner, Izzy Perry, extremely pregnant and ready to give birth to a little girl.  All of her friends are busily knitting baby gear in advance of Izzy’s shower.  In the midst of this blessed event the knitters are sharing their thoughts on the latest murders in the community with the local police chief.

A young man has been drowned in a diving accident that turned out to be a case of faulty equipment that had clearly been tampered with.  Justin Dorsey was no angel.  He had been caught selling weed to local young adults and had obviously been doing some petty theft at local establishments.  Justin had hinted that he had some bigger fish to fry when he was suddenly killed.  Was he moving in on some bigger illegal crime activity?  Was he blackmailing someone?  An older resident seemed to have figured out what was going on and was about to tell the ladies of the knitting circle what he knew when he was found dead from an overdose of morphine.  Who would have access to morphine and a reason to use it on the old man?

Angora Alibi” is certainly not an example of great literature, but it will satisfy the need for a fast read with an appealing cast of characters and an attractive venue for lovers of Cosy mysteries.  Recommended for those who enjoy a good, fast reading cosy now and then.

Liz Nichols

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