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The Job by Janet Evanovich and Lee Goldberg

The Job” is the latest in the collaboration between Evanovich and Goldberg in their “A Fox and O’Hare Novel” series.  In this series FBI agent, Kate O’Hare is tasked with managing a famous art thief, turned FBI informant, Nick Fox.  They get into some pretty hair-raising situations as they skirt along the edges of what is legal– and go over the edge quite often– in order to catch murderers and drug lords.  The action is non-stop and gives this series the kinds of qualities that one finds in action adventure movies.  That stands to reason, since Goldberg is a screenwriter and TV producer and at least one of Evanovich’s books has been turned into a movie.

In “The Job” Nick and Kate recruit some of the criminals Nick has worked with before, along with Kate’s own father, to pull a scam on a major Latin American drug lord living under an assumed identity in Marbella, Spain.  The story begins with someone apparently assuming Nick’s identity and committing art robberies in several cities around the world in order to attract Nick’s attention.  That individual is a former associate of Nick’s who just wants him to help her by taking revenge on a drug lord who killed her brother after he performed plastic surgery on the criminal.  Nick and his crew pull off a scam to make the drug lord believe he is financing the salvage of millions of dollars in gold and jewels from a shipwreck off the coast of Spain.  It’s an ingenious ruse, if one that is a little hard to believe could be pulled off so quickly or inexpensively.

Like most of Evanovich’s works “The Job” is a fast read and an entertaining plot.

Liz Nichols


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The Dunbar Case by Peter Corris

Peter Corris has produced 39 Cliff Hardy detective mysteries in this Australian series.  “The Dunbar Case” is the first Cliff Hardy mystery I have encountered.  Hardy is an “old school” investigator in his 50’s who is toward the tail end of his career after recovery from triple-bypass surgery.

The detective is engaged by a college history professor to locate the progeny of one of the survivors of an 1857 shipwreck and to try to persuade that person to sell some documents related to the wreck to the professor.  The person Hardy must contact is in prison, but expecting to get out soon.  Hardy gets mixed up in trying to keep the former prisoner, Twizell, safe from the thugs who come after him once he gets out of the slammer.  Along the way Hardy rekindles a relationship with a writer who lives in Newcastle and also develops a liaison with the sister of one of the bad guys.

There’s a lot more at stake in “The Dunbar Case” than a bunch of historic documents and enough twists and turns to keep the interest of the reader.

Reviewed from a supplied copy.

Liz Nichols


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