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Wicked Appetite by Janet Evanovich

I believe Lizzie Tucker, the cupcake baker from Salem, MA, is a new character for Evanovich. She reminds me of the characters in the TV show about the pie maker from a few years ago. Lizzie inherited a house from her Great Aunt Ophelia in Marblehead sometime after graduating from chef school. She flunked gravy making but seemed to excel at baking cupcakes. It appears that she has special cupcake making powers.

One character we’ve seen in other Evanovich books is Diesel. When he’s not second in command for a security agency in Trenton he seems to be hanging out in Salem and Marblehead looking for some special treasure and the totems that will lead to the treasure. Diesel is trying to figure out where to find this special treasure before his cousin Wulf gets to it. He recruits Lizzie because she has a special ability to sense when the totems that will lead to the treasure are near.

I just don’t find this particular cast of characters very compelling, and the plot is even more silly than the usual Evanovich plot. At least with Stephanie Plum one can picture the kind of hot water a bail bond bounty hunter might get in to and the kind of low-life they might run in to. Here you’ve got would-be witches, werewolves and other weird characters who make Diesel look positively normal in comparison.

Many will read and enjoy Wicked Appetite simply because it is Evanovich. I think I’ll stick with the Plum series, and I definitely vote for keeping Diesel in Trenton.

Liz Nichols

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